Botanika Brekky - Grandma'a Apple Pie Flavour

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Botanika Brekky Grandma's Apple Pie draws inspiration from our signature 'Oh My Apple Pie' Plant Protein flavour. Consisting of key ingredients such as Organic Rolled Oats, Cacao, Protein, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes and Minerals to help start and fuel your day the right way!  🌞 Being an instant mixing formula means it's a simple and effective way to get in those nutrients to keep you feeling satisfied and energised for longer. Botanika Blends created Botanika Brekky to create easy accessibility and health benefits to those in need of a nutritious breakfast or snack that's literally never been done before.  🥳 It is our goal to give you something that holds up as an easy solution packed full of only good quality ingredients and tasty flavours.


Directions For Use: Add 60G with 150ML of boiling water, mix and allow to sit for 2 minutes